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7 Simple Things To Make You A Better Person And More Successful

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Be present – From business meetings to dinner with loved ones, show up. Showing up translates into put the phone away or even better leave it behind. When we are on our phones we are sending a signal, we are saying you are unimportant! I struggle with this myself, even more so when I am in an environment that creates anxiety for me. I leave it behind; put it on silent and in my bag.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable - This is hard. It’s the most emotionally challenging item on this list, but allowing ourselves to be vulnerable puts others at ease and increases likability. It also shows someone that you are a real person and approachable.

Exercise – For me, its spin. I struggled for years to find a routine that was convenient and repeatable but still kicked my !@# and made me feel like a superhero. Then we bought an in home virtual spin bike. (Name of the bike starts with a “P” 😉) The rest was history.

Do your homework – Research the person you are meeting before you meet them. This is easier than ever today. It helps to build rapport when you already have an idea of what someone’s interests are, where they have traveled, where they have worked. Don’t force it, but if it comes up, you are prepared. If your girlfriend/boyfriend/life partner mentions a place they like, look it up and maybe schedule a surprise visit. It shows you listen and that you care about them.

Walk instead of drive – I walk everywhere I can. I have a nice car, but I choose to walk whenever possible. I find it reduces stress and resets my mental state. If you have a long commute incorporate small changes, listen to audio books or chakra music on the ride in. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walk around the block or walk to pick up lunch.

Meditate – To me, this can be whatever you want, whether it’s closing your eyes in silence, using your favorite app for guided meditation or going to yoga. Get creative but do it daily, it helps to reset mentally.

It’s not about you – One of the best books I have ever read is “How successful people think” by John C. Maxwell. It’s a condensed read that I would recommend. This book encouraged me to understand what is motivating someone else’s current emotional state. They might be acting towards you in a certain way, but for a reason that has nothing to do with you. Maybe they just lost a beloved pet, maybe their favorite shirt was destroyed in the dry cleaner. We are all human, emotions are always present whether worn on our sleeve or not.

I own a wealth advisory practice but I understand that "wealth" isn't just about finances... it’s about being better people, overall wellness, helping others and sharing memorable experiences. Please visit to learn more or if you are interested in my services, access the link below to schedule a phone session.


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