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Founder and Wealth Advisor, Newpointe Wealth

As a Wealth Advisor my goal is to bring financial confidence and improve your quality of life. I founded Newpointe Wealth to provide personalized advice to individuals and families. Meeting with an advisor should not be an intimidating experience, it should be an empowering one! Money means different things to each of us, for this reason, I listen to what each client values, providing straight forward advice that is easy to understand, giving each client the guidance and attention they deserve. 

I am excited to answer your questions. I encourage you to reach out and speak to me. You will quickly see what makes us different.




We have an extensive team behind us at LPL Financial. LPL is the custodian and platform provider as well as the operational and planning support team to your Newpointe Wealth advisor.


Learn more about LPL Financial:

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